Tuesday, 27 November 2012

LOW MEMORY!!!!!!!!!

LOW MEMORY!!!!!!!!!


A very big mistake done by NOKIA, a unexpected mistake only 10MB user available memory.
Many times you all get the error code low memory cant open this that those please clear some memory. My purpose to mention the memory of nokia c2-03 at first line is to remind all of you that this doesn't have high memory. So, please follow my steps to get free memory in your mobile so that you can use your media players and many other apps.

  • First of all take your mobile to your nearest NOKIA CARE CENTRE and tell them to flash your mobile or can simply flash your mobile by yourself CLICK!! here to know how to flash your phone by yourself. After this you will get 13MB of user available memory (believe i had gone for it).
  • Don't use any apps,which were preinstalled in your phone like communities, nokia browser, maps, etc As these apps size increases after there use and you also cant delete them as they are copyright protected therefore a better solution is to not to use them. YOU CAN USE STORE APPS AND FURTHER CAN INSTALL ANY OTHER APPS BUT INSTALL IN YOUR MEMORY CARD FOR SURFING USE UCBROWSER.
  • Never save any data in your internal memory of the phone as it occupy your space. Delete the ringtones, wallpapers from your phone memory not from memory card.
  • Move all removable apps from your phone memory to memory card.
  • Never change your theme. As your c2-03 phone saves your theme setting for further use due to which   your memory get full, It is the most dangerous way of filling your free space as you will be not able to delete these setting files in future and due to which your memory will got wasted. A SOLUTION TO THIS WAS TO USE THEMES UPLOADED BY ME SPECIALLY I HAD CREATED THAT THEMES FOR C2-03 THAT THEME WILL NOT OCCUPY YOUR SPACE AND WILL ALSO IMPROVE THE PROCESSING SPEED OF YOUR MOBILE WITH GREAT LOOK. OR SEE HERE HOW TO DELETE THAT FILES.
  • Regular delete your messages and move all your contacts to Sim card.
Now you will not face more memory low problem. You will always get more than 10MB of free memory in your mobile.



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    1. A very warm welcome:
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      If you want any theme for your device then you can mail me with an attachment of the picture to me. [ atulwa.kummar@gmail.com ]

      I will soon create a facebook group for this.

  2. Ok i will :) .. so mainly the idea is to take first to a mobile fixing center to fix that problem and free some of the phone memory for me? and take care of those steps and advices u told me right ? :D .. btw i can't download any games becuz it goes straight to the gallery not the memory card and there is no space in it :( :'/ plus i can't aply themes too

    1. No you can also do it without taking it to the fixing cenetr. Yo have to go to the fixing center to get your mobile flash by them. But if you dont want to go, then you can do it by own also. See Below:

      The it will so you option to select were you want to store your files.
      Or you can also move by going into the option menu of the game. See Below:

  3. Thanxx yaar It's really helped me.
    Previously i am thinking that i had wasted my all money but now i think i had wasted only half of that.