Monday, 22 April 2013

Now delete your system reserved gallery files directly from your device

This might had been amazed as well as questioned you that how you can delete protected files from your Gallery directly from your C2-03/mobile i.e. without the use of Computer.

Merit of this trick:

  • You have to not open your Computer.
  • Easy and Fast method to delete.
  • No need of installing lots hectic softwares as in Computer.

Demerits of this trick:

  • You will get access to only Gallery files not Hidden files.

Now come to the main trick:

  • Make sure have UcBrowser installed on your phone, incase you don't have Go Here
  • Now open UcBrowser.

  • Go to Downloads menu. [ option >> Downloads ]
  • Open Menu >> File Manager
  • Open C:   >>   predefgallery

  • Now a list of the gallery folders will com in front of you.
  • Now simply open the folder from which you want to delete the protected file. for example 'predeftheme'
  • After that select the file you want to delete.
  • After that click left soft key [Menu] and select Delete.

Note: Never delete the default files like in ringtones the Nokia tune.aac

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