Sunday, 2 December 2012

Q&A: Touchscreen (not working)


My c2-03 phone has a great problem. Its touchscreen is not working properly though sometimes it works properly. I am afraid of going to Nokia care as its replacement is very costly and my phone is out of warranty. Please suggest some thing.

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Ahsan Barkati 2 December 2012 09:55

A very big thanks to you to interact to my blog. And a very warm welcome to Nokia c2-03 forum.

First of all i want to inform you that i had also faced the same problem. So, I want to inform you that why this happen to your Nokia c2-03:

It's due to laminating your mobile through local retailers shop. You might be

thinking how it can affect your mobile. I think you might had in your memory that when they laminate your mobile screen they use blade to shape the cellophane(the plastic cover) i.e. to cut it from all the side and in that process sometime blade get into the screen & affects your touchscreen. Due to that reason only it sometimes work and sometimes don't.

  1. Best solution for it will be that to get your touch replaced by NOKIA. I think it will not cost too much high (approx. Rs 500- Rs 750).
  2. But if you don't want to invest your money then follow my following steps:
    • You might know the Hindi proverb that, "AN IRON ONLY CUTS THE OTHER IRON." Therefore we will use the laminating cellophane to solve this problem.
    • Buy the cellophane from any retailer of 1inch large than the screen of your c2-03.
    • After that stick the cellophane on the screen and apply any cardboard on the display. So, that if you apply a force on cellophane the it doesn't come out from it.
    • Now, apply your force on the cellophane and by stretching it stick it at back of the screen without cutting the cellophane.
    • So, by doing this damage cause inside the touch will be fixed by pressure applied by the cellophane.
    • Don't think that it's fake as i had tried this on my c2-03.

If any further problem arises than PLEASE comment. I will try to solve it again.

NOTE: Since, I am not a hardware expert. So, it might not work. But it's does on my c2-03 but i recommend you to replace your touch as it will not destroy the look of your cell.

Also, If you have any other problem then don't hide it, make it visible.


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  1. ohhh...thanks...that really worked!!!....thanks a lot...

  2. What is cellophane??

    1. Cellophane the laminating plastic to laminate ur screen