Sunday, 28 July 2013

Fixing c2-03 touch problem internally, [the ultimate solution]

Hey friends after very long day i have been writing something on this blog but a great one only for you all. This time i got the solution to the problem of NOKIA C2-03 Touch Screen.
Actually my c2-03 touch again got damaged it's not working properly. It was working but not good i mean when ouch the right side of the touch touch responds to the left side which so hesitating one.
And this i dont want to give my set to Nokia Care as service was very bad here in Hazaribag previous time i had given then they returned me after one and a half month.

You must have some technical skills, skills of using smaller size screw drivers.

Know follow the procedure to fix your problem:

  • Get your c2-03 in your hands.
  • Remove all of it's parts i.e. sim cards and SSD card, battery, etc.
  • Now open the slide and open the upper two screws as shown in the figure below:

Now open the touch panel from it's side.

  • Now Clean the surface and strait up the pins very calmly as shown in the figure:

  • Now work has been completed you have to attach touch screen to the panel now. Which should be carefully followed as shown below.

Now all work has been completed. 

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  1. Plz post flashing the firmware of c2-03