Thursday, 25 April 2013

Theme Preview Cleaner

Now no need of opening your PC and connecting your device with MobiMB to delete the Theme Preview/ Active files. Do it on your phone only by this Theme Preview Cleaner. 

First of all it's not an JAVA software, it's an simple trick to Delete the Theme Preview files. So, follow the below steps:
  • Download the file from HERE, it's an { .nth } file.
  • Now make 3-5 copies of it.
  • And move it to your phone.
  • Now apply every copy of the Theme file two-two times.
  • Now check your internal emory will be cleared.

What's the logic behind this trick?

The theme file provided contains the default theme setting. So, when you will aplly this theme it will clear the Data Files of other theme as well as will not take up your memory. because of default setting. 

If above link doesn't works for your.

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  1. Hi, i can't open the link :I

    1. If you were using from Mobile Please try to use OPERA mini as doesn't work well in UC browser. By the way the direct link is this: